Oil and Vinegar Grilled Chicken

         Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Entrees

1 Whole cut-up chicken 1/4 c Olive oil 1/4 c Wine vinegar 2 ts Sugar 1 ts Dry mustard 1 ts Salt 1/2 ts Tarragon 1/4 ts Rosemary 1 Clove garlic; minced 1/2 ts Freshly ground black pepper Mix in a pt. jar and shake vigorously. Pour into shallow dish. (I use a ziploc bag) Place chicken pcs. in marinade and turn to coat. Cover and marinate overnight. Grill skin side up about 8" from heat. Turn ever 10 minutes for an hour or until fork tender. NOTES : Here is a great recipe for grilled chicken. I guess you could also put it on whole chickens and smoke them. I use this a lot. Recipe by: Judy Howle